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KP JKT Dato Noor Ihsan


Salam sejahtera and Salam Negaraku Malaysia.

Welcome and thank you for visiting the official portal of the Local Government Department (JKT). I hope that all informations presented in this portal will cater the need of visitors in accessing relevant informations on the role of JKT to uphold Local Authorities as a world-class organization and to deliver the best services to the people.

I really hope that all members of JKT can work as a team and always support each other to ensure that we deliver only the best to the public.I also hope that JKT will be the best department through 3 main thrusts, fast services, teamwork and integrity.

In line with the aspiration of our Prime Minister to make 2017 a Year of Delivery, all members of JKT should continue the efforts to be multi-tasked, multi-skilled and multi-talented. It is necessary to cultivate innovative and creative thinking that will lead to high productivity, positive value, deep/mature thinking, sound skills and strongly motivated work culture, which at the end will contribute to the success of this department.

Last but not least, I really hope that this portal can be the best platform for visitors to obtain relevant informations and give feedbacks on improvements that can be made in order to further enhance the effectiveness of this portal.

Thank you.

Dato’ Noor-Ihsan Bin Haji Che Mat

Director General, Local Government Department