[EN] Policy and Local Government Development



  1. To draft policies, circulars and guidelines relating to the roles and functions of Local Authority.
  2. Secretariat of the National Council for Local Authority.
  3. Coordinates the Local Authorities Annual Conference.
  4. To update basic information relating to Local Authority.
  5. Secretariat for the Local Authority Consultative Committee Meeting.
  6. To provide and prepare inputs, feedbacks and comments to key meetings regarding Local Authority and Local Government Department.
  7. To provide advice on roles and functions of Local Authority.
  8. To be a member of committee in other Ministries involving the roles and functions of Local Authority.



  1. To plan, formulate policies and strategies on Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171) as well as monitor and review the jurisdiction of Local Authority under other Acts.
  2. Coordinating public complaints regard to functions and role of Local Authorities.
  3. Responsible to conduct research and review any new laws or by-laws related to Local Authorities.
  4. Process the application that received from state government on change of name and status and alteration of boundaries, merger of two or more local authorities.
  5. Coordinate and monitor the effectiveness of National Language in public places.
  6. To prepare documents and gather related information that involves the role and functions of Local Authorities.
  7. Arrange incoming visits by foreign delegations as well as delegations from other Ministries / Universities / Departments / Agencies.
  8. Collecting data related to local authorities issues.
  9. To give advice regarding any issues that involves the role or functions of Local Authority.
  10. Attend meetings that required advice on local authority issues.



  1. Responsible to ensure smooth implementation of “Pelan Transformasi PBT – ‘PBT Di Hati Rakyat’” as planned and review its effectiveness.
  2. To assist the main secretariat on National Council for Local Authority and Local Authorities Annual Conference.
  3. To coordinate the department’s implementation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in the Department.
  4. To coordinate the implementation of the ISO 9001-2000 in the Division.
  5. To coordinate the department’s Annual Work Targets.
  6. Responsible to provide inputs of queries on roles and jurisdiction of Local Authorities to agencies.
  7. To gather and collect relevant data of Local Authorities.
  8. To attend meetings that required advice on local authority issues.


This Division also responsible to monitor and coordinate roles and functions of Local Government by virtue of Act as follow:

  1. Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171)
  2. Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172)
  3. Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974 (Act 133)
  4. Road Transport Act 1987 (Act 333)
  5. Building and Common Property (Maintenance and Management) Act 2007 (Act 663)
  6. Food Act 1983 (Act 281)
  7. Destruction of Disease-Bearing Insects Act 1975 (Act 154)
  8. Prevention and Control of Infectious Disease Act 1988 (Act 342)
  9. Petroleum (Safety Measures) Act 1984 (Act 302)
  10. Second-Hand Dealers Act 1946 (Act 189)
  11. Control of Rent Act (Repeal) 1997 (Act 572)
  12. Excise Act 1976 (Act 176)
  13. Copyright Act 1987 (Act 332)
  14. Environment Quality Act 1974 (Act 127)
  15. By-Law in Relation with Local Government