[EN] Vision, Mission, Function & Client's Charter


: : Vision

Towards The Creation of Competitive, Dynamic and Sustainable Local Authorities that Provide Quality Urban Services.


: : Mission

To provide Necessary Support and Assistance to Local Authorities in Enhancing Quality Management and to Develop the Culture of Good Governance.


: : Function

1. To guide and encourage LAs in the planning, regulation and implementation of programmes that contribute towards socio-economic development and to boost efficient municipal services with the aim of creating a healthy, prosperous and developed society in line with national development goals;
2. To ensure that the LAs serve as Local Government units that are efficient and capable in terms of administration and finance that will enable them to provide modern and high quality services for the benefit and well-being of local communities under their respective administration;
3. To ensure that LAs play an active and effective role in the development of urban and rural areas through the implementation of infrastructure projects and to ensure that developmental activities are carried out in accordance with the 1Malaysia 'People First, Performance Now ' Government policy;
4. To ensure that LAs play a role as effective Government Administration Units in terms of securing the participation of private agencies, NGOs, CBOs and citizens in matters relating to local affairs;
5. Develop LAs as planning authorities that are effective, competent and efficient in carrying out their duties at the local level by exercising good planning and adopting a systematic approach for regulating development activities in urban and rural areas in accordance with existing rules; and
To establish and maintain a good working relationship between the Federal and State Government agencies as well as other Government agencies at all levels in matters pertaining to policies and administration of Local Government.


: : Quality Policy

We are committed to continuously improve our quality management system to ensure that it remains suitable, consistent and effective in accordance with the Local Government Department's vision and mission. We are also committed to meet all quality objectives to make sure it is always appropriate with the Department's vision, mission and objectives.  

: : Client's Charter

Quality Objectives

To ensure adherence to the Policy on Quality as prescribed in the Quality Management System as follows:-  

I. Legislative Policy and Provisions of Law

  1. Time taken from the point of receiving directive to the preparation of preliminary draft as follows:
    Act 6 Month
    Policy 6 Month
    Regulation by-Law 6 Month
    Rule & Regulations 6 Month
    Guideline 3 Month
    Circular 1 Month
  2. Time taken for the preparation of Cabinet paper to the point when proposal is forwarded to the Corporate Division, Ministry of Housing and Local Government (MHLG) - 14 WORKING DAYS.
  3. Time taken to monitor the implementation and performance of an act, policy, by-law, regulation, guideline and circular from the time directive was received to the final report prepared - 1 MONTH.


II. Management Provisions and Monitoring of Developments

  1. The deadline to submit proposals and projects/programmes for the coming year in all State Secretary Offices / Local Authorities / Village Development Officers - on or before 1 SEPTEMBER of every year.
  2. Time taken to inform State Secretary Offices/local authorities/Village Development Officers on the list of projects approved by the Secretary General of MHLG - 7 WORKING DAYS after approval.
  3. Time taken to issue a decision to any application of minor changes to a project / programme already approved - not exceeding 10 WORKING DAYS from the date of application received by the Local Government Department.
  4. The duration to submit memos to the Department's Finance Unit for the issuance of warrants/cheques to local authorities through State Secretary Offices/State Development Offices/Federal Development Departments - not exceeding 7 WORKING DAYS from the date of acceptance of the warrant application from the local authority (provided the particulars in the application complies with procurement criteria and procedure prerequisites).
  5. The frequency of project/programme monitoring meetings with State Secretary Offices/local authorities /Village Development Officers on the progress of projects and the monitoring of problematic projects - AT LEAST TWICE A YEAR.
  6. The frequency of checking and updating physical and financial project performance reports and the preparation of projects by state reports - EVERY MONTH.
  7. The frequency to review and update the Project Monitoring System (SPPII) - EVERY MONTH
  8. The duration taken from the point of acceptance of the Work Completion Statement (accompanied by all necessary supporting documents) to the time of cheque application for New Village Development Project payment submitted to the Department's Finance Unit - not exceeding 10 WORKING DAYS.


III. Technical and Non-Technical Advisory Management Service

  1. The duration to initiate visual inspection on structural failure - not exceeding 7 WORKING DAYS from the date of the incident being reported.
  2. The duration to propose an action plan to ascertain the root cause of the failure - 5 WORKING DAYS after the receipt of full feedback from the local authority.
  3. The duration to reply to any complaint or request for advisory service;

    (i) Giving feedback to complainant - 5 WORKING DAYS from the acceptance of complaint.

    (ii) If reference is needed (from professional bodies/external agencies / local authorities) - 5 WORKING DAYS from acceptance of complaint.


IV. Procedure for Support

  1. The duration to notify the receipt of complaint /enquiries to the customer - not exceeding 3 WORKING DAYS from date of receipt.
  2. The duration to inform the Department staff on their course/training application, at the latest, 4 DAYS before the closing date of the course applied for.
  3. The issuance of Local Order to not exceed 4 DAYS from the date of receipt of FORM P1 in accordance with finance rules in force.
  4. The duration to inform decisions of meeting to members of the meeting - 3 WORKING DAYS after the meeting,