Implementation Monitoring

  • Monitoring on the implementation of local government policies.
  • Consulting on the roles and responsibilities of Local Authorities.
  • Coordinating the use of National Language in Public Areas.
  • Coordinating inputs for management and interagency meetings in regards of the Department.
  • Coordinating and drafting inputs for Parliament's inquiries on matters about local government policies and enforcements.
  • Coordinating inputs for the Department's Quality Objective, Client Charters and press releases.
  • Coordinating yearly key performance indicators for the Division.
  • Coordinating with the relevant local authorities to address public complaints and following up of the recommendations.
  • Compiling local authorities’ yearly key data with the State Authorities (the Department of Local Government).
  • Proposing recommendations on ways to strengthen procedures for complaints and key data management.
  • Consulting on municipal management and enforcement by the local authorities.
  • Coordinating the analysis of Local Authorities' key data.



  • Organising and scheduling the Local Authority-Star Rating System (SPB-PBT) audit.
  • Preparing the SPB-PBT audit report to be tabled to the National Council for Local Government (MNKT).
  • Organising Special Inspectorate in accordance with the most recent management directives.


The Inspectorate Division incharge to coordinate and oversee the roles and responsibilities of Local Authorities based on the following legal provisions:


1. Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171)

2. Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172)

3. Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974 (Act 133)

4. Road Transport Act 1987 (Act 333)

5. Building and Common Property (Maintenance and Management) Act 2007 (Act 663)

6. Food Act 1983 (Act 281)

7. Destruction of Disease-Bearing Insects Act 1975 (Act 154)

8. Prevention and Control of Infectious Disease Act 1988 (Act 342)

9. Petroleum (Safety Measures) Act 1984 (Act 302)

10. Second-Hand Dealers Act 1946 (Act 189)

11. Control of Rent Act (Repeal) 1997 (Act 572)

12. Excise Act 1976 (Act 176)

13. Copyright Act 1987 (Act 332)

14. Environment Quality Act 1974 (Act 127)

15. Other Subsidiary Legislations Relating to Local Government