The 59th Local Government National Council (MNKT) Meeting, which was held on October 2, 2007, saw the introduction of the Local Authority Star Rating System (SPB-PBT), by the Government in order to gauge the level of Local Authority (PBT) delivery across the nation. According to the KPKT No. 1 of 2008 Circular of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government, the SPB-PBT evaluation will essentially take place every two (2) years.


Since its implementation in 2008, SPB-PBT evaluation has sought to: 

  1. Assess the quality of local government service delivery to citizens, clients, and stakeholders through a standardised evaluation system; 
  2. Rank local governments according to their performance in the evaluation (1–5 stars); and 
  3. Foster a culture of performance–based excellence among local governments through healthy competition.


The following four (4) primary criteria form the basis for evaluating SPB-PBT:

  1. Management (20%); 
  2. Core Services (55%); 
  3. Customer Management (10%); and 
  4. Participation of the Community and Public Opinion (15%).

There are a total of 18 sub-criteria for the main criteria, including elements related to public opinions, and scores are based on the outcomes indicators of public opinions in the Malaysian Urban Rural National Indicators Network on Sustainable Development (MURNInets), which was put into place by PLANMalaysia, KPKT.

SPB-PBT Flow Chart