Civil Engineering Consultation

Conducting research, evaluation and making improvements to policies and laws related to slope safety, roads and social infrastructure facilities as well as improving the efficiency of Local Authorities (PBT) in controlling development based on the provisions of the Drainage, Roads and Buildings Act 1974 (Act 133) and Uniform Building By-Laws 1984 (UKBS).

Providing guidelines and provide technical advice to Local Authorities (PBT) based on the Garis Panduan Perancangan Pembangunan Di Kawasan Bukit Dan Tanah Tinggi, Arahan Teknik Jalan Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) and the use of Sistem Pengumpulan dan Penggunaan Semula Air Hujan (SPAH), accessibility of the disabled (OKU) guided by universal design, CCTV and other social infrastructure facilities based on Act 133 and the Uniform Building By-Laws 1984 (UKBS).

Conducting audit programs for slope and road safety projects in order to assist Local Authorities (PBT) in managing slopes and reduce the rate of road accidents in Local Authorities and conduct regulatory monitoring audits related to social infrastructure facilities such as accessibility facilities for the disabled (OKU) based on universal design, SPAH, CCTV and others.

Organize training programs / courses / seminars / workshops on slope safety, disaster management and road and also related to social infrastructure facilities for State Authority (PBN) and Local Authority (PBT) officers.